Review Policy

If you are an author or a publisher and want me to review or promote a certain book  you should know a few things about my review policy before contacting me. Please keep in mind that I live in Germany.

I only accept review requests for the following genres:

  • YA contemporary
  • YA sci-fi
  • YA fantasy
  • YA thrillers
  • YA dystopia
  • YA paranormal

I accept ARCs, published books as well as ebooks, although I do prefer physical books. If you want to send me an ebook please keep in mind that I only own a Kindle. Thus, the ebook should be in the right format.

My reviews are 100% honest and reflect my own opinion. If I don’t like a book, then I will say so. Of course I will give enough reasons for my dislike and tell my readers why it didn’t work for me.

I do not accept all review requests and will let you know my response as soon as possible.

So if you want me to review a certain book and you’ve read and acknowledged my review policy then please feel free to do so by filling out the contact form below: